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Inspirationals is a nonprofit organisation and network of speakers devoted to spreading inspiring and heroic life stories. The aim is to inspire people to take action towards reaching their potentials or changing their life into a better direction. (Launch in late summer 2015)

Generation Ungdom

Employing and training local youths to provide services to the local community, such as household services, errands etc. Currently doing a pilot with Stockholmshem, Swedens second largest owner of rental buildings, in Bagarmossen, Stockholm.


“We inspire ourselves and others to create a better world for everyone.”

We’re at the beginning of our journey towards building a network of people dedicated to doing a difference in this world, with the shared belief that; Together - anything is possible.

The name Elonyx, in its essence, means unity and the primary mission of Elonyx is to unite different projects, organizations and companies that share the same core values towards a common greater good.

We believe that humanity is entering a new era of existence and that the way to do business in the 21th century will be different from the past. With technologies such as Internet the game has changed and the demand from the public is shifting towards quality over quantity; values over personal gains; and impact over expansion. These factors are now not only important, but essential.

Our objective is to create “principle based systems” with the purpose of initiate, develop and grow world-improving organizations and projects. We believe that by combining different persons, talents and ideas in a common higher vision based out of principles, we have a stronger possibility to create impact towards a greater world. One day, looking back, we want to have been able to leave a legacy that our children can be proud over.

We strive to inspire ourselves and others in the pursuit of creating a better world for everyone.

A world were service of the many comes first and all human life are considered equal.

We believe that that the "era of compassionate evolution" is here and that it’s time for more and more companies to join the movement. We might just be one of them.

Welcome to the beginning of our story.

We Are Elonyx.

  • Unite towards a greater good

    We respect and cherish our fellow human beings and our planet. Together as one, we are creating a brighter future for the many.

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